iBWave Design Service

TSI/Lumimax provides design services for indoor and outdoor sDAS projects.   We using industry standard design software iBwave to provide simulation analysis to enhance coverage and capacity for different projects ranging from Taiwan Righ Speed Rail, office buildings to wholesale warehouses.  Data from benchmark testing is often used top improve coverage and performance predictions in the designs.   From assistance and support with your designs to complete turn-key design, TSI can provide the solutions you need.

Lumimax Global Logistics Support

  • Lumimax, CA, USA
  • Sourcing team and Logistics Support in Kaoshung, Taiwan
  • Sales office and Warehouse in Vietnam

Supply Chain Services

As a professional Distributor, Lumimax offers value-added supply chain programs to our customers including to print customer bar code label; Inventory consignment program; Bonded Inventory Program and Just-In-Time Delivery. 
 All we do here are trying to reduce your inventory cost as well as to increase the inventory turn over rate.   Please contact us today to find out how we can help !