GL-770 features commercial grade GPS receiver to help manage your field team effectively. Its water-proof, durable all-in-one design includes audible feedback and motion sensor to give maximum battery life. GL-770 allows you to log your route by setting the interval of time/ distance/ speed. Easy to use and durable button allow field personal to record point of interest by push of a button. Through user friendly utility, it can display your track on Google Earth.
Key Features
  • Support both GPS and GLONASS
  • Support Bluetooth Smart (BT4.0) LNS service
  • Log up to 250,000 waypoints
  • More than 35 hours operation time
  • Smart log of time, distance and speed
  • Support 5Hz logging for high speed application
  • Acceleration sensor for smart power saving
  • Vibrator /beeper for POI confirmation
  • Rechargeable battery
  • IPX3 water-proof
  • Record your travels
  • Manage tracks
  • Manage field team
  • Point of interest recording