sDASseries is a fiber Distribution Antenna System. The sDASoffers the industry leading and most innovative technology to help mobile operator extend the RF signal coverage into any indoor environment from small to large scale.
* Support up to 4 operators per band
* One RAU can cover 15,000 sq feet
* The whole system can cover from 30,000 sq feet to 480,000 sq feet
* Fiber distance between HEU and RAU is upto 3 miles

Indoor Coverage

With today’s building construction, it’s not easy to receive a good quality mobile signal inside the building. Fortunately, sDAS+ are available to help solve these coverage issues.

Elevator Solution

Elevator coverage for mobile services makes a better user experience. sDAS+ is an excellent solution for elevator.

Tunnel coverage

sDAS+ with the design and supply of cost effective tunnel solutions. The fiber distance between HEU and RAU is up to 3 miles, this is far longer than using a coaxial cable.

Campus Signal Extension

sDAS+ is a best solution to support multiple buildings which are spread over in a campus.

Rural Area Coverage

sDAS+ provides a cost effective and reliable coverage solution in rural areas.